Platinum Play Mobile Casino

If you have ever seen someone crouched over their mobile phone and wondered what they are doing, then it could be a fair bet to guess that they are not in fact texting a message to a loved one or updating their Facebook status they could in fact be playing at Platinum Play Mobile Casino.

Thanks to modern day mobile phones being so far technically advanced it i possible to have one and never use it is a telephone, and Microgaming have seized this modern technology with open arms and have developed a fully functional mobile casino so now you can play pokies where ever you happen to be as long as you have your trusted mobile phone and of course a signal then you could be spinning those reels in seconds!

Do not worry if you are not technically savvy as the procedure required to play these games online is relatively simple, all you need to do is to visit their website and simply insert your mobile phone number, you will then be sent a message and follow the simple point and click instructions and in no time at all the casino game application will be loaded on your phone.

You will then simply need to register as a real or guest player, once again this is childs play and takes just a couple of moments and then you can log into play any of their ever growing portfolio of well loved casino games which pay and play just the same as those found in the online casinos.

Platinum Play Mobile Casino Gaming Suite

One of the easiest games to play at Platinum Play Mobile Casino has to be their Roulette game, it is straight forward to understand you simply need to choose any of the betting positions to place your chips on, and when you have decided simply click the spin button and wait for the ball to glide around the roulette table and finally come to a stop, a successful straight up one number bet will payout at odds of 35 to 1! So choose your lucky numbers wisely as they may just keep on coming in!

If the casino card game of Blackjack is more to your liking then you will be impressed with the version offered at Platinum Play Casino the rules are very easy to understand and the game can be mastered in no time, you can choose stake levels to suit your budget and don’t forget that a Blackjack hand which is an Ace and a ten will payout at odds of 3 to 1.

Big winning are of course possible just like in a land based or online casino and the type of games to head straight to if you are hoping for a large jackpot payout are the progressive slot machines, a small amount of everyone who plays it stakes are added to this jackpot until such a time as someone win it, and that is the secret to how they can and do payout some massive jackpots. Look out for these games and at lest give them a little play time as someone has to win those jackpots and who knows that person could, if all goes well, be you!

Platinum Play Mobile Casino also have a huge number of fun to play slot machines available, and these are always attracting large number of players thanks in no small part to the high payout percentages they offer. You can opt to play basic slot machines or the more technically advanced bonus game awarding video slots which have lots and lots of pay lines and can give you not only entertainment value for your money but some decent winning spins!

Huge Bonuses At Platinum Play Casino

Just like their sister site Platinum Play Casino the Platinum Play Mobile Casino like to dish out big regular bonuses not only to their new players but also to their regular loyal players too. So if you have never played there before then how about you becoming their next new player today, if you do just that they will reward you with an instant 200% bonus that will turn a deposit of just 50.00 into a playing bankroll of a huge 150.00!

in fact they have just made this welcome bonus offer even better as now you can claim another 200% bonus on not only your first deposit but also on your second which gives you even more money to play with! These offers really are too good to miss and you really will stand more tan a sporting chance of bagging yourself a winning session, so go on give them a try they won’t bite you!

They will also contact you quite often via email or even send you a text message if you have opted into their newsletter to invite you to take up some tailor made casino bonus promotions, these will have been specifically designed to appeal to you and you alone and one thing is for certain your money will go much further at this Mobile Casino once you start to take full advantage of these bonus offers.

Another exclusive player benefit is that once you start to play as a real money player you will be rewarded with loyalty points on every real money wager you make, no matter how big or small your wagers are and it also doesn’t matter if those wagers win or lose, you will be earning these comp points every time you have a punt and then you will be able to exchange these points when you have enough of them saved up in your loyalty club account into casino chips to carry on playing with and hopefully end up winning with!

Should you have any questions what so ever about any of their bonuses then don’t forget you can always contact them any time of the night or day either via email, instant chat or you can give them a bell on the phone, they will be more than happy to help, and remember your casino bonuses are always credited instantly with no messing about!


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