Online Roulette

One of the most popular games found in both land based bricks and mortar casinos as well as online casinos is the game of Roulette and this fast paced game offers the type of playing style which allows players to win large sums of cash once their chosen numbers begin to spin in, and with a huge payout of 35 to 1 for hitting one number you can see why it is so very popular.

There are lots of different variants of Blackjack available to play online their is the American Roulette game, which unfortunately due to it having two zeros on the wheel makes it one of the worst games to play in regards to the online casinos house edge, so if you do wish to play Roulette then alas this one is not the one you should choose to play.

European Roulette is another variants available to play online and with just one single zero is play it gives players a much lower house edge to worry about then the American version mentioned above, plenty of different betting options are available from even money wagers such as the Red or Black numbers to several groupings of numbers such as columns and dozens.

Should you be seeking a tiny house edge then the game you should make you way to play is the French Roulette variant that has just the one single zero on the wheel however it has a unique rule which states that if you have placed a wager on any of the even money paying positions and a zero spins in then you will lose only half your stakes on those numbers.

You will also find a small selection of progressive type Roulette games available to play online and these games usually require you to place a small fixed price side wager before you start to pay and this side bet will activate a range of different payouts which pay in addition to the normal base game.