Back 2 School Bingo

Well with a name like Back 2 School Bingo you must be wondering is this some kind of Bingo playing training site, well it is more than that, yes they have full tutorials on all their bingo games if you have never played before but they are fully operational Microgaming powered Bingo site and if you have never tried this software before when playing bingo online then you are in for a real treat!

They offer the two most popular types of bingo games, the first is the 90 ball bingo and this is played with a card that has three lines across and spread over these lines are 5 numbers on each, making a total of 15 numbers on each ticket, the numbers are, as the name suggests number from 1 to 90 inclusive.

The idea behind 90 ball bingo is that you will be playing for three prizes per game, the first two games are played for one line and then two lines and then the game moves onto the full house and the winner of this game is the first person to mark off all 15 numbers on his card first, the full house price is often the biggest prize on offer per game played with the one and two line prizes being the smaller ones.

The other bingo game they play is the 75 ball bingo variety, the bingo card in this game looks like a grid, with five numbers in each column and 5 numbers of each row across making a total of 25 numbers on each ticket, however the middle position is a free number meaning it is crossed off automatically without having a number attached to it.

The beauty of 75 ball bingo is that the number of playing patterns can run into the thousands with the most popular ones being any line up, down, across, corner to corner or your four corner numbers. Occasionally 75 ball bingo is played for a full house but there is only ever one prize awarded to each game played.

If you have never played either version of bingo before and you was wondering what happens if more than one person claims a prize on any one bingo game, then all that happens is that the prize money is shared out between the players who have won!

Back 2 School Bingo Stakes and Prizes

You can play some games at Back 2 School Bingo completely free of charge, they have several special free games per day and the starting times of these games are available from the bingo schedule which can be found when you log into the bingo site.

Some of the bingo tickets cost just 1p each meaning even if you are playing on a very modest budget you will still get your bingo fix, and even though the stakes maybe low the prizes offered per game can be quite high so some decent sized bingo jackpots can be won.

For the biggest cash prizes look out for the special big jackpot games that run throughout the week, these can and do offer some huge payouts for those players lucky enough to call bingo in the lowest number of calls, make sure you checkout the bingo schedule for when these big money games are beginning.

Another feature of Back 2 School Bingo that you may find interesting is that you can pre-buy tickets for bingo games in advance, so if there is a game you want to take par in but you know you will not be online and available to play simply pre buy your tickets and you know you will be entered into the game, and as the software automatically checks your bingo cards and tickets for you it will also call house for you if you win!

Bonuses Available at Back 2 School Bingo

You will never need to visit a land based bingo hall again once you find out the value of the bonuses that are on offer at Back 2 School Bingo. All new players can get themselves a 200% bonus based on their first deposited amount, make sure you check their website for the full terms and conditions of this and all other bonuses they offer.

Plus on an on-going basis you will receive a free 25% bonus on all other deposits you make, as long a you deposit between 10.00 and 100.00 those bonuses will keep on coming, meaning you will be playing bingo for hours with all that extra cash and a large jackpot win could be closer than you think!

Casino Games at Back 2 School Bingo

There are a ton of casino games which can all be played from with in the Back 2 School Bingo software, one game worthy of note is the Mermaids Million slot machine, this is a multi payline slot game which has fully adjustable stake levels and it comes with not one but two separate bonus games which you can trigger as you play the base game.

The first game is a simply picking game whereby you have to pick items off the screen to find out the value of your reward which is hiding behind all of them, and the second bonus feature round which is a little more exciting is the free spins round.

If slot machines tend to confuse you then one low tech game worth checking out and one that can and does payout some large amounts is the Break Da Bank game, this is a three reel five payline slot game and the secret of playing it is to make sure you play all five pay lines.

The reason for this is that the top prize can only be won when you line up the three Break Da Bank symbols on payline number five, so whatever you do if you do decide to play it is to ensure that you do indeed activate all five of those pay lines, the stake levels can be adjusted by the players so you won;t need to break your bank by playing maximum pay lines!


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